The Aspirations Of A Stay-At-Home-Parent

London Eye

A few weeks ago, or a few months ago (I can't remember exactly when,) some of my girl friends and I were having a lovely time together. We were sitting leisurely over beautiful food and talking about anything and everything. None of us had to rush off to pick up a child from ballet or football. We could just enjoy each other. It was during this rare, wonderful time together that one of my friends said something that I have had trouble forgetting. I haven't written about it until now because I wanted to mull it over and I didn't want to write a defensive, reactionary reply. To be perfectly honest, I wanted to try to forget it. We were all gabbing away about the trials and tribulations of parenting our various offspring. There was a lot of sighing and head nodding, dotted with laughter ... [Click Here to Continue Reading]

5:2 – My First Month in the Fast Lane


I know you are all wondering how I have been doing on the Fast Diet. (Also known as 5:2 and Intermittent Fasting.) Has it lived up to its claims? Have I finally lost more than two pounds?! The answer is, so far... YES! Just so you know, my target weight is: 100 lbs (which is right in the middle of the healthy weight category for my height.) Here is my progress so far: Start- 28 Feb 2013 Week 1  Weight: 131.8 lbs Waist: 36.5" BMI: 27.5 (Overweight) This was a Thursday, so it was only a half a week of fasting. Week 2 2 Mar 2013 Weight: 130.1 lbs 4 Mar 2013 Weight: 129.6 lbs Waist: 35.0" 6 Mar 2013 Weight: 128.4 lbs 7 Mar 2013 Weight: 129.2 lbs Week 3 16 Mar 2013 Weight: 128.2 lbs Waist: 34.3" Week 4 22 Mar 2013 Weight: 127.6 ... [Click Here to Continue Reading]

Magz and The Fast Diet


What is the Fast Diet? A quick way to lose weight? How fast? I found out about The Fast Diet when a friend mentioned that she was starting it a few weeks ago. I had never heard of it, and frankly, I wasn't really planning to get back into a fitness programme. I had been completely committed and motivated for 3 years and lost a grand total of 2.4 lbs! (Yes, you heard right. 3 years... not weeks... not months...years.) I had pretty much had it with all things fitness because nothing seemed to work for me! When I went to the GP and talked about it, I told her I had tried everything from 1200-1400 calories restriction, working out 6 days a week, to teaching a hoop fitness class for two hours a week! Still, the weight wouldn't budge. She suggested that I might need to go as low as 500-600 ... [Click Here to Continue Reading]

Broken Mama: Eating Alone In My Car And Praying


The door slammed behind me and I breathed in a wave of cold air. The shock of it felt good. Walking out felt good. I got in the car, put my belt on and put the keys in the ignition. Then I stopped. My hands gripped the steering wheel and I let my head drop to my chest. I knew that if I rested my head on the wheel like I wanted to, I'd break down in tears; but I also knew that I couldn't drive off yet. Although I was in a completely emotional whirlwind, and my adrenalin was still pumping, thankfully I had enough presence of mind to know that I needed to calm down a little before driving. (Plus, if I cried, they would win. I didn't want them to break me, I wasn't giving in.) I took a few deep breaths. My heart was still racing but I was a little calmer. I turned the ... [Click Here to Continue Reading]

Broken Mama: Today I Walked Out On My Family


Today my heart hurts. I am exhausted. Today... I am broken. It has probably been one of my worst parenting days. Ever. And it started out with such promise too... This week is half-term break for many of the schools in the UK. At the beginning of the year Chris and I had talked about making more of an effort to go out and do activities, even if we couldn't go away anywhere. It was starting to feel like we were letting life run away from us. I am not going to lie, times are tough around here and the budget is tighter than tight. But we realised that if we let that rule us, our family life would pass us by and we would have few, if any, special memories to look back on. So, today was *supposed* to be a family day out at a wonderful world heritage sight, which is set up as a ... [Click Here to Continue Reading]